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About Meyenberg.

Air is for all. The dream is your own.

Meyenberg is born from the power of believing in an idea and creating the conditions to see it through. Mapping out life’s experiences and lessons and then relying entirely on them and the conviction to make someone feel something. Out of the ordinary.

Meyenberg soaps are vegan and contain natural and carefully selected ingredients. Completely free of sulfates and parabens, as well as phthalates and minerals. Bottles are made from 100% recycled material. Some things are impossible to defend against. The beauty of a rainbow. Climate change. Injustice. The waves of a broken heart. The fire on the inside fights with the feeling of having a too tight shirt. We live on the same planet, you and I. Right now the only thing we have in common.

We manufacture our products in France, where the tradition and craftsmanship of the soap industry has been established for countless generations. Where development and creativity never stops. Where cultures always clash. Where patience, strength and courage are valued. Where passion lives, where world metropolises and rural areas have equal appeal in our dreams. There we create Meyenberg soaps.

Our origins are in Switzerland, our soul lives in Sweden and our heart is in Norway. And that’s a double whammy for Singapore. All pieces of the puzzle come together in the products we have developed, where sensory development in Västra Götaland has gone hand in hand with design processes in Skåne, where word braids and screen prints have been analyzed with equal precision, where work experience in interior design has been crossed with the work of fragrance experts in Grasse. We are a great team that has come together during an exciting time. Intoxicating and volatile.

Meyenberg is my name. Meyenberg is my mountain. And my rainbow. 

Now also my brand of soap. And courage.

/ Ida Meyenberg.